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Phoam Soap

Glass Cleaner

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4 glass and mirror cleaning spray refills. Super concentrated to make 2 litres of cleaner!

Apple & mint scent. For a streak-free finish on glass and mirrored surfaced.

Easy-to-use: just add the dissolvable sachet to a spray bottle along with 500ml of warm water. Within seconds you will have a cleaning spray that removes fingerprints in a way that will make criminals envious.


Ingredients: > 30% aliphatic hydrocarbon, 15% > < 30% non-ionic surfactant, < 5% parfum

How it works

Refilling is simple:

1) Fill your dispenser with 250ml warm water

2) Add 3 scoops of powder

3) Shake, let sit for 10 mins, and then pump!

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