A cave engraving of a stick man with a spear

Men need sustainable products too

Men aren't supposed to care about the environment. Men shouldn't show fear in the face of climate change.

After all, men conquer the elements, not coddle up to them....

...what a load of bollocks.

For thousands of years, men have taken care of the tribe.

And it's no different today. Except today we are not hunter-gathers dedicating every moment to where we are going to get our next calorie from. It's a globalised, industrialised world. Which means taking care of the planet is taking care of the tribe. 

'Cos it's all connected, you see.

Yet, despite the clear need, very few brands out there offer sustainable products for us rugged, commandeering handsome men. It's mostly baby blues and unicorns. Not very appealing. 

We deserve better.

We deserve a brand that we can be proud of. A brand we can boldly declare our own. A sustainable brand for which men are not just an afterthought.

That's why we started Phoam.

And for all the women out there: don't worry. Phoam is for everyone. We're not intoxicatingly masculine. But we do support breaking the stigma around men caring about the environment.

So, let's go back to basics. Let's protect the things that sustain us. The air, the water, the soil. Let's be stewards, and not just consumers of, this beautiful MF'ing flying rock hurtling through space-time that we call Earth.

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